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Sundaram Home Finance

We volunteered to create a visual bank for Sundaram Home Finance (SHF, the people who finance your  home) and the result was a shoot assignment that involved multiple models, multiple locations and spread over 3 months owing to complications in logistics.

Thankfully, the client had the wisdom and the patience to have an elastic deadline, and got rewarded with a fantastic visual archive for a bargain. Most of the pictures we shot are still used in the SHF marcom ( a few that happened to be handy are featured here).

Special thanks to Sujit, who is not only a wizard behind the lens, but also a rarely-ruffled, suave co-ordinater with above-ordinary patience and tact. And how can I forget the incredibly talented Santy, who took time off from his demanding Kollywood schedule to make sure the shoot came out the way we wanted it to.

This one is a wall mural
in the head honcho's cabin
at the company's
Corporate HQ.