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Hinduja Hospital

Advertising for healthcare is challenging. Effective and wholesome healthcare branding  is nuanced, yet marked by clarity of thought and simplicity in expression : advertising traits not commonly found in today's style of anything-goes / in-your-face school of marcom. Shown here are some outdoor-format-skins done for Hinduja Hospital, Bombay. These also include concept-level-roughs.


Topical ads in the outdoor format.

Live To Give Hope
: This one was the first of the hoardings I did for the brand. It was hectic getting the artwork out in record time.Happily, we found a digital camera in a hurry, and a colleague lent a helping hand- or should I say two.In retrospect, a neat job and well worth the pressure.

World No Tobacco Day Hoarding. Subhash did the art. The towering and affable Sundu shot the picture, did the compositing and gave me a CD to mail in under two hours. Whoever said 'nothing would ever get done if it weren't for the last minute' must have worked in an ad agency.Special thanks to Venkat for coordinating this one with Sundu on a particularly packed day.

Ads I did on the brand for the pitch. (The ones I like). The logo isn't the one in use- we had recommended a logo makeover as part of our pitch, this one was indicative / illustrative.

UPDATE The old "building" logo has formally been dropped, you can see the current logotype on the hospital's website.

Cataract : Even in an era of visual ads, sometimes there just is no substitute for typography.

Working towards a future without Cancer.

Mumbai's Landmark Multispecialty Hospital.